17 May 2004


Now, for some really funny stuff:

Top 11 signs you are either George W. Bush or Kim Jong Il.

11. You were a drunken party-boy who now finds himself the leader of a nuclear power.
10. You are often confused with your father because you share two-thirds of his name.
9. You threaten war to get oil.
8. Platform shoes, lifts, cowboy boots...
7. In times of international difficulty you turn to Clinton cabinet member Bill Richardson.
6. Vanity: permed hair, 14 thousand dollar suits.
5. You were installed through the political and financial machinations of your father.
4. You are a military leader despite questionable military background.
3. Your dad sold chemical & biological weapons and/or mechanisms of delivery to Saddam Hussein.
2. You've run your own economy into the ground and South Korea is pissed at you for your intransigence.
1. Persistent gaffes undermine domestic propaganda efforts to establish cult of so-called personality.

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