11 December 2018

Pinocchio on steroids

The word for the day...

bottomless Pinocchio

30 November 2018

Sometimes things go right: The Barry Attack

[Event "Live Chess"]
[Site "Chess.com"]
[Date "2018.11.30"]
[Result "1-0"]
[TimeControl "300"]
[WhiteElo "1632"]
[BlackElo "1680"]

1. d4 {[%clk 0:04:59.9]} 1... Nf6 {[%clk 0:04:59.2]} 2. Nf3 {[%clk 0:04:58.3]}
2... g6 {[%clk 0:04:56.3]} 3. Bf4 {[%clk 0:04:56.8]} 3... Bg7 {[%clk 0:04:52.9]}
4. e3 {[%clk 0:04:55.4]} 4... d5 {[%clk 0:04:51.1]} 5. Nc3 {[%clk 0:04:54.1]}
5... e6 {[%clk 0:04:49.7]} 6. Bd3 {[%clk 0:04:53]} 6... O-O {[%clk 0:04:48.2]}
7. h4 {[%clk 0:04:51.9]} 7... h6 {[%clk 0:04:38.5]} 8. h5 {[%clk 0:04:41]} 8...
g5 {[%clk 0:04:36.7]} 9. Nxg5 {[%clk 0:04:39.6]} 9... hxg5 {[%clk 0:04:35]} 10.
Bxg5 {[%clk 0:04:38.7]} 10... Nbd7 {[%clk 0:04:23.8]} 11. h6 {[%clk 0:04:37.2]}
11... Bh8 {[%clk 0:04:17.9]} 12. h7+ {[%clk 0:04:33.7]} 12... Kg7 {[%clk
0:04:16.7]} 13. Bh6# {[%clk 0:04:20.1]} 1-0

10 November 2018

Native Americans' early history

The research on native American origins is getting interesting as new genetic analyses appear. There's now greater clarification regarding northern and southern branches. More is now known about the landscape of Beringia, where the ancestral populations are thought to have resided for thousands of years. At the same time, the dates for a migration along the coast keep getting pushed back. Another study of genetics, hypothesizes that there were three major populations that pushed into South America and another one that headed into eastern North America.

20 October 2018

30 September 2018

13 August 2018

Jordan Peterson

What Peterson says about the crisis in higher education (around the 30-minute mark)--bloated administration, excessive costs, and a lack of a sense of mission--is right on.

10 August 2018

Mother! ):

Mother has to be one of the most pointless movies I've ever seen. It has some good actors and a very promising beginning, but then, the promise isn't kept. It's just a series of vapid horror film scenes that don't add up to anything. I forced myself to watch it to the end and am promising myself never to make that decision again. Warning to all: There's no brilliant climactic close that will compensate you for the two lost hours of your life.