16 March 2017

Chris Ladd on "white socialism"

Chris Ladd has an excellent article on Forbes, describing the U.S. healthcare system and our system or corporate and individual write-offs as "white socialism".

28 February 2017

Nils Bildt: The expert who never was

I've often wondered if the talking heads on U.S. news stations have any more expertise than our local barber or the guy (or gal) sitting across from us in the bar. As it turns out, my doubts have again been confirmed. The“Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor” interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News this week is entirely unknown in his native country, with no connections to either the nation’s defense or security services. For that matter, he hasn't even lived in Sweden for over 20 years.

14 January 2017

Are red peppers really healthy?

In one form or another, I eat red peppers constantly, so I'm really hoping that a recent Chinese study showing that consuming spicy foods reduces mortality is right.

18 December 2016

Phil Gatensby

This guy has some wisdom.

9 December 2016

Dio mia

28 November 2016

24 November 2016