23 May 2017

D41: Semi-Tarrasch, Main Line, Exchange Variation

This recent match in which I won as white wasn't a very exciting game, but I'm proud nonetheless. When I ran it through chess.com's deep analysis, the computer analysis couldn't find a single mistake on either side. Actually, black's capitulation could be seen as a mistake since black had a possible continuation (Qe6) that would prevent mate. (After white's Qd8, black can bring the queen to e8, preventing the mate.) On the other hand, white should win based on the position (as far as I can tell), so maybe the black capitulation makes sense.

21 April 2017

Slogans for United Airlines

We have First Class, Business Class, and No Class.

Our prices can’t be beaten...but our passengers can.

We put the hospital in hospitality.

We beat our passengers, not the competition.

We have an offer you can’t refuse. No, really.

Board as a doctor, leave as a patient.

Not enough seating? Prepare for a beating.

And you thought legroom was an issue.

If our staff need a seat, we’ll drag you out by your feet.

We treat you like we treat your luggage.

Fight or flight.

You may have patients, but we don’t have patience.

We have red-eye and black-eye flights available. Now serving free punch.

28 March 2017


I don't see how the Republicans can win on healthcare as long as they're in the majority. Any solution they cook up will need to further enrich drug companies and ensurers while reducing coverage. In the short-term, they probably did the best thing they could do--keep kicking the can down the road, hopefully, until they've lost their majorities and can go back to blaming everything on Democrats.

16 March 2017

Chris Ladd on "white socialism"

Chris Ladd has an excellent article on Forbes, describing the U.S. healthcare system and our system or corporate and individual write-offs as "white socialism".

28 February 2017

Nils Bildt: The expert who never was

I've often wondered if the talking heads on U.S. news stations have any more expertise than our local barber or the guy (or gal) sitting across from us in the bar. As it turns out, my doubts have again been confirmed. The“Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor” interviewed by Bill O’Reilly on Fox News this week is entirely unknown in his native country, with no connections to either the nation’s defense or security services. For that matter, he hasn't even lived in Sweden for over 20 years.

14 January 2017

Are red peppers really healthy?

In one form or another, I eat red peppers constantly, so I'm really hoping that a recent Chinese study showing that consuming spicy foods reduces mortality is right.

18 December 2016

Phil Gatensby

This guy has some wisdom.